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“Our invoice approval process is complex and often requires approval by different people in departments in various locations. CCube’s system has worked well and means we scan, index and workflow invoices for approval and sign off by publishers and ad managers which are then uploaded into our accounts system.”

Alan Dixie - Head of Accountancy Services
Centaur Media

Our customers

We have a proven track record working with the National Health Service, police, local government, and in the private sector providing cost effective and scalable solutions, tailored to individual customer requirements.

Our clients use our systems day-to-day to capture, store, protect and share information over its useful lifecycle, so that staff get the right information at the right time to enable them to do their jobs effectively.

We have the experience to make a difference based on solutions delivered for the following organisations:

Cambridge University Hospital

Aintree University Hospital

St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS trust